gold dust

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the particles and flakes (and sometimes small nuggets) of gold obtained in placer mining

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and Erin Miller, Broker/Owners of CENTURY 21 Gold Dust, stated, “Buying CENTURY 21 Gold Dust Realty, and the commercial building at 133 Brunswick Road was a highlight in our lives.
BEYONCE is kicking off the European leg of the Mrs Carter Show World Tour with two dates in Glasgow and we have TWO gold dust tickets to give away.
The officials checked his bags and found 1kg of gold dust concealed in different plastic covers and aluminium foil, a customs officer said.
However, researchers were not certain until now whether trees could actually absorb the precious metal from underground deposits or if the wind simply blew gold dust there from other sites.
Was gold dust applied to Gaga's bum to make it look fuller and flawless for the thong she wore at the VMA's?
GOLD dust worth $700,000 (PS437,000) has gone missing from a medical research lab in St Louis, USA, and police are trying to determine if it was lost or stolen.
They are the guys who are gold dust, the guys you want in your team and in your club.
Throughout October, Amos, 49, has been touring with songs from her new album Gold Dust, which reinterprets hits from the past two decades, accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra.
The Alaska Supreme Court ruling upheld all major issues in a previous ruling by the Superior Court of the State of Alaska that, amongst other things, awarded 20 mining claims to Goldrich that had been staked by Gold Dust and required Gold Dust to move off of mining claims held by Goldrich.
Dubai An assistant technician lost his appeal and will have to spend six months in jail for stealing 30 kilograms of gold dust worth Dh4 million from a jewellery store.
With Woakesy missing at the moment he is absolute gold dust.
Sandi's about to release a second single from the album, Gold Dust, and she's chosen Liverpool as the location for the promo video.
It was while doing exactly that this week that I noticed thousands of tiny particles of gold dust glinting in the sunlight in my living room.
A FEW weeks ago I asked if drugs for cancer were made of gold dust as they seem to cost so much.
Zac has always heard his grandfather speak of gold dust and maps and a prince sold into slavery many years before in Ghana, and dismissed it as just an old man's obsession, but the murder puts the family story in a new perspective because there are people who obviously will kill for this information.