gold digger

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Synonyms for gold digger

a miner who digs or pans for gold in a gold field

a woman who associates with or marries a rich man in order to get valuables from him through gifts or a divorce settlement

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In the suit filed on February 28, Eunita cites part of the article as stating: 'I hope Yunita has accepted the fact that she will always be seen as the young gold digger wife whose singular achievement will have been taking advantage of an elder to earn a lifetime meal ticket.
Even though Anfisa's fans seemed to agree she was a gold digger, the California resident denied the accusation.
Ray, who wants a DNA test to prove Jim's her dad, said: "I'm not asking for money, I'm no gold digger.
And is she really cut out for the life of a gold digger after all?
His illustrated diaries chronicled the history of the region, the harsh life of the gold digger, and the scarring of landscape from gold mining.
For Kerry, comedians have tried the Rich Guy persona (he went to a Swiss boarding school), along with a variation of the Gold Digger (his wife inherited part of the Heinz food fortune).
Spurling portrays not a gold digger but a devoted spouse and talented editor who had significant intellectual influence on the author of 1984.
To receive the rebate, consumers must mail the cash-register receipts with the qualifying videocassette proofs of purchase and complete rebate form found in Ed and Gold Digger videocassettes.
This special DVD features more than 30 season one performances, including Madonna's Vogue, and Kanye West's Gold Digger.
99) and they also do a great glitter eye shadow called Gold Digger (pounds 3.
Pierre Salvadori's charming confection plays cupid with a lowly waiter and a label-obsessed gold digger.
Heather last night denied reports that she's nothing but a calculating, money-grabbing gold digger.
Oscar winner Foxx was top nominee with five bids and he was called for best collaboration with Kanye West on Gold Digger.
But even as the White House struggles to discredit Jones, all the other scandals swirling around this Administration make Clinton himself look more like a gold digger and a prostitute every day.
In what was his last UK gig of the year, the American star displayed his rapping genius with hits including Gold Digger and Diamonds Of Sierra Leone.