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the evasion of work or duty

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Jeff uses cross branding with Ponchatoula strawberries, Bergeron pecans, Aunt Sallies' pralines, and Elmer's Gold Brick Eggs to produce unique local flavors.
I do, however, thank him for his offer to sell me a gold brick.
But for the uninitiated, Gold Brick is as good a place to start as any.
An excellent way to give children experience in spatial perception, in creating a geometric model, and in exploring the weight of a gold brick is to have them make their own models of bricks.
The gold brick swindle was brought to New York City by Reed Waddell, who was originally from Springfield, Ill.
Long-time Easter favorites, Gold Brick and Heavenly Hash, are now being offered in dark chocolate along with their traditional milk chocolate counterparts.
Tenders are invited for Construction of communicated road from old kalna katwa road at mysore para to gold brick filed via natungram football ground under katwa-ii
Since pouring its first gold brick in October I 1995, Wesdome has quietly gone about its business, deep in I the bush, 50 kilometres west of Wawa.
According to the computer , the best drink in existence is the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster - drinking it is like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.
There was never any need for back-up as the Gold Brick was behaving like a true gent.
A $35 donation will get donors a four-by-eight-inch bronze brick, while a $1,000 contribution brings an eight-by-eight-inch gold brick with special gold engraving, Porter said.
Such integrated work has been widely recognized, including a Bronze Pencil for "Integrated Branding" from D&AD, a Gold Brick from the Chicago Creative Club Awards for "Multi-media Campaign" and a finalist at the Clios for the newly created "Content & Contact" category.
Liverpool lacked wit and invention up front and repeatedly ran into a black and gold brick wall in the shape of Jody Craddock and Christophe Berra.
They were awarded the coveted Mechanics of Materials Gold Brick Award for their efforts.
The mine tour has been operating for a number of years on this site and has evolved over time to include a trip underground, a simulated pouring of a gold brick, and a chance to pan for gold.