gold braid

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trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains

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Who but Scrooge II would expect the mother of the star to slave over a hot microwave when she is already powdered and preened and regaled in her new bright red dress with the red silk tulle and gold braid trim?
I haven't got gold braid on my sleeve, but I know you can't fight a war from an office and as much as Cameron thinks cutting will solve every economic and military problem, I can only assume the master plan for Britain's security will be a multimillion pound deal with G4S.
Trained by five-time Derby winner Sir Michael Stoute, Carlton House will be the tenth horse to carry her famous racing colours of a purple body with gold braid, scarlet sleeves and black velvet cap with a gold fringe, at Epsom.
Small artificial tree Green florist wire Small teapot Tea cups (Demitasse or small cups work well) Silver spoons Ribbons Gold braid Fresh greenery (Seeded eucalyptus and lemon leaves work well and dry nicely)
Why the brass and gold braid brigade along with the Palace chose to pretend otherwise I do not know.
The new uniform will include a gold braid on the trousers for sergeants and above, and the service cap will be authorized for wear by NCOs as well as officers.
They have followed too closely the ancient royal tradition of joining the armed forces, a course that means they are likely to be swallowed by tradition, overblown ceremonial and gold braid reputations.
Alongside her, on board the Antarctic survey ship HMS Endurance, stood the Duke of Edinburgh, in the uniform of Admiral of the Fleet, encrusted with faded gold braid.
What Prescott should remember is that if you meet a bloke dressed in an army uniform with ridiculous epaulets, a huge amount of gold braid and a pair of sunglasses, you could judge him to be a corrupt dictator, a sponsor of terrorism and an oppressor of his people.
FORT TEJON - With his convincingly dirty gray-blue uniform decorated with shiny brass buttons and gold braid, Raymond Hall looks as if he has stepped from the sepia tones of a Matthew Brady portrait.
Our guests are greeted by staff regimented for boarding in ceremonial blue uniforms with gold braid and brass buttons.
Lots of gold braid, big titles and big egos - and so a huge resistance to change.
Silk velvet tunics in navy blue with piping around the edges and gold braid topped the outfits off.
To their credit, Maclean's refused to be dazzled by the gold braid brigade and they stuck to their guns.