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any substance (such as thiouracil) that induces the formation of a goiter

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The goitrogenic cruciferous family, preferably raw: kale, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts.
The major objective of this study was to assess the prevalence and cause of IDD in Burie and Womberma districts by conducting clinical examinations for total goiter rates, urinary iodide level determination, assessment of goitrogenic factors and knowledge, attitude and practices of the communities towards the use of iodated salt.
In models including clinical variables and perchlorate or thiocyanate or nitrate concentrations, we found a significant positive association between each of the goitrogenic anions and urinary TSH and [T.
The hydrolysis products of Gls are strongly related to goitrogenic substance subsequently interfere with iodine uptake and inhibit the synthesis of thyroid hormones [T.
Thyroid hormone synthesis can be inhibited by dietary factors, such as goitrogenic compounds from millet and thiocyanate from cassava.
Heating and cooking of these vegetables helps to inactivate the goitrogenic isothiocyanates.
Glucosinolates are also known to possess goitrogenic (anti-thyroid) activity.
However, the goitrogenic effect of selenium deficiency is evident only when there is concurrent iodine deficiency (11).
For example, isothiocyanates of essential mustard oil exert pharmacological as well as toxic properties by their goitrogenic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiprotozoal activities.
First, she tried eating as many cruciferous vegetables as she could, even though she knew that a large quantity of cruciferous vegetables for the "long term" might be goitrogenic.
Darroch CS and JM Bell Potential goitrogenic and toxic effects of an indole glucosinolate extract injected into the developing chick embryo.
Goitrogenic substances taken in the diet interfere with proper utilization of available iodine by the thyroid gland.
Goitrogenic effects of nitrate intake in animal studies have been observed (Wyngaarden et al.