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abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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Coping with respiratory obstruction after thyroidectomy for giant goitres in northern Nigeria.
Respiratory complications after thyroidectomy and the need for tracheostomy in patients with a large goitre.
Of the several indicators recommended in developing countries, goitre grading and urinary iodine levels are the most feasible to use as outcome indicators while iodine content of salt is the best as a process indicator.
WHO, UNICEF, ICCIDD (2) had recommended three criteria for elimination of IDD, goitre rates less than 5 per cent, median urinary iodine levels above 100 [micro]g/l, and 90 per cent of households having adequate iodine intake.
I RECENTLY went to see my doctor about something ordinary when he told me that I had a goitre and asked me to have some blood tests.