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Synonyms for goitre

abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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USG-guided FNAC was suggestive of colloid goitre with Bethesda score of 3.
Auto-immunity (a failure of the body's immune system) is another common cause of goitre and thyroid dysfunction.
A doctor should be consulted urgently if there is a rapid enlarging of goitre or nodules in the neck as these may indicate thyroid cancer,' Dr Ahsan maintained.
There is a paucity of knowledge in the literature on the practice of total thyroidectomy as the treatment of choice for goitre in a low middle income country.
Now plans for Goitre Fach have also been submitted for councillors to consider.
Goitre can also result from cyanide poisoning, this is particularly common in tropical countries where people eat the cyanide-rich cassava root as the staple food.
Respiratory embarrassment due to compression of the upper airways by the growing goitre is an indication for surgery, but the residual problem of tracheomalacia which develops after thyroidectomy is a life-threatening postoperative complication1.
To review the profile of thyroid disease in patients with goitre who presented to the Department of Surgery at Polokwane Mankweng Hospital Complex (PMHC), tertiary hospitals in Limpopo, to characterise the pattern of malignant disease in patients presenting with goitre, and to determine the most common thyroid cancer in the Limpopo population study group.
Objective: This study aimed to assess the iodine deficiency, prevalence of goitre among schoolchildren and measuring environmental iodine in Taif city, Saudi Arabia.
1992) reported that goitre as an emerging mineral disorder in animal grazed on iodine deficient endemic areas.
Abuye C and Y Berhane The goitre rate, its association with reproductive failure, and the knowledge of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) among women in Ethiopia: Cross-section community based study.
The study--' Goitre and Urinary Iodine Excretion Survey in School children of Kashmir Valley'-- has been published by the journal Clinical Endocrinology.
In this study, we aimed to investigate iodine deficiency in urine and selenium, zinc, copper or molybdenum deficiency which may accompany this in children aged between 6 and 12 years in two schools in the province of Hatay (endemic goitre region).
Persistence of goitre in the post-iodization phase: micronutrient deficiency or thyroid autoimmunity Indian J Med Res.