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Synonyms for goitre

abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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In 1995, doctors at the endocrinology department of SKIMS, which is the Valley's primary health institute, had shown prevalence of goitre among 45 per cent of schoolchildren, besides very low urinary iodine levels.
Goitre simply means thyroid swelling, and the causes range from hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism to thyroid cancer.
The most common clinical findings are goitre and short stature.
Obstructive sleep apnoea in association with retrosternal goitre and acromegaly.
They said goitre rates among school age children were 4.
Lyndon, of nearby Goitre, has already returned to the club for another game.
What often causes a goitre on the human Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Superstar; 2 Grape; 3 An iodine deficiency; 4 Nashville; 5 U-shaped; 6 Glissando; 7 Giotto; 8 Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France; 9 Norman Foster; 10 Motor racing.
Iodine deficiency has been shown to be associated with endemic cretinism, endemic goitre and subcretinous mental subnormalities (1).
The Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesca appears to have a goitre, or swelling of the thyroid gland, on her neck "typical of people who drank water from a well in certain areas" in medieval times, it was claimed.
Health complications resulting from iodine deficiency include thyroid gland dysfunction, including goitre, and various neurologic, gastrointestinal, and skin abnormalities.
A small thyroid goitre was recognised during her preoperative examination.
There may be bradycardia, periorbital edema, thinning of the outer third of the eyebrows, hoarse voice or goitre.
In addition to goitre, which of the following can be used to assess iodine status?
I RECENTLY went to see my doctor about something ordinary when he told me that I had a goitre and asked me to have some blood tests.