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Synonyms for South

the cardinal compass point that is at 180 degrees

a location in the southern part of a country, region, or city

Related Words

the direction corresponding to the southward cardinal compass point

Related Words

situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the south


in a southern direction

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Let's face it, when I was asked I was approaching 40 and things were going south rapidly.
Going South was shot within eight months and covered an area from the northernmost point in Alaska to the southernmost point of Argentina.
STUNNING SIGHT: Joe Docherty's favourite view of Teesside, over the brow of the A19 going south at Elwick Picture by DOUG MOODY
A 1990 Peterbilt, carrying a large forklift, concrete and construction materials and driven by Lawrence Roth, 54, of Quartz Hill was going south on Challenger Way, Bluff said.
I'm just surprised that so many are going south at this time.
The economy may be going south, but private college tuition rates remained steady, according to a new survey from National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU).
Going South raises these significant questions, and many more.
As soon as my parents and I came in the front door, I could tell things were going south quickly.
Everyone avoids being "in the red," an indication that things are going south.
FIREFIGHTERS were called to a stretch of the M6 between Bedworth and Coleshill yesterday after sulphuric acid leaked from a drum on a lorry going south.
Until the middle of the nineties, cargo in the lane was mostly raw materials going south and agricultural products coming back north.
But with three roads of traffic entering the Circle - from Broadway going south, Eighth Avenue going north and Central Park South heading both north and south - and four roads exiting the Circle to Central Park West going north, Broadway going north, Broadway going south and Central Park South heading east, as well as five roads worth of possible pedestrian crossings, it will be difficult to come up with a traffic light plan that doesn't leave drivers stewing, pedestrians hopping and horns blaring, while air quality deteriorates further.
People at the bottom will see their jobs going south," Lewis predicts.