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a hole into which a plug fits (especially a hole where water drains away)

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Use sink strainers to stop hair, food debris and other solid objects going down the plughole.
But if that sounds like a team going down the plughole the gaffer plainly doesn't agree, even though there's been only one summer signing so far.
But I do resent the amount you spend on rent and feel it is going down the plughole rather than contributing to a longer-term plan.
In this post-Shameless world (the Channel 4 show David Cameron thought hilarious), the ratings-winning formula is irresistible: Find a sink estate and record lives going down the plughole.
If the moderate Sunni and Shia in Iraq do not get together and form an accord they are all - including Iraq - going down the plughole and could take the rest of humanity with them.
It's a terrific end to the series, with a soundtrack that resembles violins going down the plughole.
Shower Power aims to encourage people of all ages to think about how much time, water and energy is going down the plughole every time the shower is turned on.
That's what will stop YOU going down the plughole where two Left-wing Prime Ministers in France and Holland have already gone in recent days and where Schroeder himself will be disappearing quite soon.
BATH-TIME for Neil Jenkins means Welsh club rugby is in grave danger of going down the plughole.
He has been nursing a serious heart complaint and presiding over a society seemingly going down the plughole.
And as Palace, who were going down the plughole faster than your bathwater before he arrived, all but clinched safety, Pulis set them a 40-point target to make survival academic.
These old toffs were so busy laughing that they didn't notice their companies were going down the plughole.
Failure to keep up the payments on your mortgage may result in the loss of your bank and the entire global financial system going down the plughole.