going ashore

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debarkation from a boat or ship

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Our first photo sees the passengers in one of the launches going ashore at Merok in Norway.
Their captain was fined pounds 1,400 for failing to tell coastguards on the Italian Riviera the stars were going ashore.
Her son David Miller was just 22 when he was killed during air attacks on troops going ashore from HMS Fearless at Bluff Cove.
Get your Money's Worth - To save money when going ashore, time your return for lunch or afternoon tea - and you may also avoid a funny tummy too
Sailors of the Royal Navy and merchant seamen were murdered while going ashore at Port Said by cut-throats and robbers who joined in the wholesale killing of anyone British, knowing they would not be brought to justice by the Egyptian government of the day.
He took part in the D-Day landings, going ashore in Normandy on Sword Beach, and fought for six months through France.
The terms of the licence agreed with US authorities mean passengers going ashore to Cuba must spend at least eight hours a day in educational and cultural exchanges with Cuban people.
A coast guard patrol boat spotted the two going ashore on Kitakojima Island around 3:45 p.
A British woman, going ashore in Halifax said: "We've been treated like steerage.
Skipper Ed said: "We have already made contact with the French authorities and have been assured that there will not be any problem in the dogs going ashore in Le Havre when we arrive there in about 10 days' time.
Prince William did his best to keep his gaze averted but Harry decided to jet- ski instead of going ashore.
Personnel should not wear or carry items that identify them as UK servicemen when going ashore and should not make reference to their employment or nature of their visit.
The 188-passenger Hanseatic typically visits isolated villages and areas rich in wildlife, with passengers going ashore to explore via the vessel's 14 inflatable Zodiacs.
She was attacked in the toilets of a bar in the Old Harbour district of Genoa in Italy after going ashore with other crew while the boat was being checked over.