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of Atlantic coastal waters

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The goggle-eyes fetch a premium, sometimes going for over a hundred bucks a dozen.
Anne has won this award twice before in 1993 for Flour Babies and in 1990 for Goggle-Eyes.
Another theory is that mullet, unlike their frisky counterparts such as goggle-eyes and blue runners, have a relatively lazy disposition.
If all you have is a dozen goggle-eyes," White explains, "then you can't just move on a whim because taking the baits in and out is going to weaken them.
Goggle-eyes are very hardy and make a great sailfish bait.
A medium-size silver mullet or threadfin herring is the preferred bait this time of year, but large live pilchards, goggle-eyes and ballyhoo will get the job done.
In a pinch, you can also use a head-hooked sardine on a fishing kite when your live goggle-eyes run out.
Thornton and his team started the night before in Cape Canaveral, where they bought goggle-eyes and got shuteye at a local hotel.
Rigs include those for trolling ballyhoo, goggle-eyes and other live baits on top; on the bottom, fishfinder, chicken, mutton snapper (two J-hooks), grouper and snapper rigs are available.
Top kite baits were goggle-eyes, which seemed to give off the best presentation in the windy conditions.
Kings to 50 pounds can be caught on live pilchards, goggle-eyes or dead ballyhoo slow-drifted in 80 to 160 feet of water.
Freeline live blue runners, large pilchards, threadfin herring or goggle-eyes, or hang them under a kite or balloon to keep them struggling near the surface.
The best way to start a successful offshore adventure in December is to have a livewell full of frisky pilchards, threadfin herring or goggle-eyes.
At a hundred bucks a dozen, early risers can conserve some cash by catching their own goggle-eyes there as well.