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Synonyms for goggle-eyed

with eyes or mouth open in surprise

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The experience is that much more intense when you're goggle-eyed for six solid hours.
The Turf Moor favourite left fans goggle-eyed as he taunted an assistant referee by using his hands to put a pretend pair of glasses to his face.
Any time I get bored, I go on Google and get goggle-eyed at the gaggle of suggestions they offer for what it is they think I want to know.
FAR be it from me to side with those who believe that Michael Gove is a bit of a nutter - a goggle-eyed zealot whose bulldozer reforms to our education system are driven by dogma rather than anything grounded in reality.
The eyeball is pressed forwards causing a goggle-eyed appearance.
Last December, when traffic officer Andy Flitton stopped a speeding motorist in Wellington, New Zealand, both he and the driver went sorta goggle-eyed for a minute.
Harry watched goggle-eyed as Lindsay, 23, was thrown fully clothed into a pool by one of his mates.
Aside from the jaw-dropping ineptitude of the 'Hip Replacement' episode - one of the year's comedy highlights along with Psychoville's terrifying goggle-eyed Tina Turner impersonation - The Apprentice isn't quite at its best.
Little Scarring has introduced a number of ringers into their team - hulking, goggle-eyed rustics who live out in the wilds, entering the parish only once in a blue moon to get drunk and cleanse themselves in the sheepdip.
Goggle-eyed mac-wearing Bradley Walsh headed up the crime squad as DS Ronnie Brooks and was surprisingly good.
Among the goggle-eyed fans were Luke, Tom and Hannah Smith - ages five, two and nine months - who fetched along mum Julia and dad Andy for the show.
David Pleat frequently finds himself reining in Mark Saggers, another of the station's goggle-eyed fifth formers.
Dude, I couldn't tell if that last guy was a zombie or not,'' murmured one goggle-eyed attendee.
McGregor, who has choreographed extensively for films, is so enraptured with technology that he remains goggle-eyed by its surfaces.
Lesbian kisses, she claims, "offer something for everyone, from advocacy groups looking for role models to indignation-seeking conservatives, from goggle-eyed male viewers to progressive female ones, from tyrants who demand psychological complexity to plot buffs.