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of Atlantic coastal waters

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Dedicated blackfin tuna fishermen will spend hours catching frisky live pilchards for chum and live large threadfin herring and goggle-eye jacks for bait.
Mutton snapper baits can be dead or alive: ballyhoo, pilchards, Spanish sardines, threadfin herring, mullet, squid, pinfish, spot grunts, cigar minnows, tinker mackerel, bonito and my favorite, the goggle-eye jack.
Live horse pilchards, threadfin herring, Spanish sardines, goggle-eye jacks, flying fish and ballyhoo will be slow trolled behind the boat or fished from a kite.
For the macks, kings and bluefish most pier anglers will use casting jigs and spoons or live baitfish like pilchards, Spanish sardines, ballyhoo, goggle-eye jacks, mullet and threadfin herring.
Large thread-fin herring, pilchards, goggle-eye jacks and small blue runners fished freelined, under a kite or balloon will get some of the biggest kings, but many are caught on dead Spanish sardines or ballyhoo slow drifted on a three-hook rig and weighted with a half-ounce to an ounce of weight.