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Her Majesty was pregnant with Prince Andrew at the time and it was deemed unsightly to have ladies in an "indisposed" situation on the goggle box.
Whole weekends can go by without the need to leave the goggle box as game rolls into game.
And, thanks to the power of the goggle box, there are plenty of those viewers around so it was inevitable that NFU president Ben Gill should spot the danger and condemn the programme with the cry that it would cloud serious discussion on the GM issue.
And it seems that we can't even tear ourselves away from our gizmos when we watch the TV either - with 53 per cent of Brits now streaming videos, firing off instant messages and updating our social media statuses whilst we are also tuned into the goggle box.
9 WISH LIST What we're really lusting after this weekend 10&11 AWAYDAYS On four wheels to get to the Italian mountain town Courmayeur where it's downhill all the way on a pair of skis for Sam Wylie-Harris 14&16 TV CHOICE What you really should be watching on the goggle box today and for the next week 17-23 TV LISTINGS Your 7-day television listings guide starts here 24 PUZZLES & STARS So, how clever are you then?
Now, apart from the fact that this is simply stating the bleedin' obvious, it is yet another wake-up call for bad parents who dump their offspring in front of the goggle box for hours on end because it means that they require no attention from mum and dad.
Today I'm writing about the kind of things that happen to me in those instances when I'm not watching the goggle box and have to venture outside - things that usually make me wish I'd never left my armchair in the first place.
Sticking with the goggle box, folks, did you do your bit for Children In Need?
Unfortunately, that's no good if the family doesn't sit down together but prefers to eat with a tray on the knee staring at the goggle box.
Besides the comedy appeal, however, the sense of adventure aspects can be an invaluable alternative for parents whose kids spend too much time in front of the goggle box or playing Resident Evil 4 on the computer system.
Five years later, Baird televised the world's first live transmission and the nature of the event gives an indication of the only significant modern-day use of the goggle box.
but I was left amused by the comments of one old boy who'd clocked the Donaldson mug on the goggle box before.
If anyone else comes up with the bright idea of another soap opera I'm chucking my goggle box in the Liffey.
But it's not just gems from the silver screen which have had us glued to the goggle box over the years.