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Now you know what it's like when it really gets hot, and you understand that this summer will remind you of nice, cold winter days, in decades to come, maybe I can interest you in a new fear that scientists are fearing: dead goggas and the collapse of civilisation.
By now, he knows its every detail-the types of ants, crickets, and flies that have made it their home, the worms and other underground goggas that dwell beneath its surface.
We're all casualties, we all have our goggas [monsters] in the dark, our prejudices.
En sy leer vir Goed die name van die plante en die visse en die diere en die goggas en die blomme, die maande en die dae en die tyd vir saai en die tyd vir oes en die lamtyd en die skeertyd en die psalms en die gesange van dankbaarheid.