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Synonyms for goffer

a zealously energetic person (especially a salesman)

an iron used to press pleats and ridges

an ornamental frill made by pressing pleats

make wavy with a heated goffering iron


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After his injury, Goffer became increasingly dissatisfied with what the market had to offer, so the electrical engineer got to work on his latest invention.
Amit Goffer PhD, founder and director of Argo, and ReWalk's developer.
Dr Amit Goffer, inventor of the ReWalk powered exoskeleton gave a presentation on how challenging sports can rehabilitate individuals with spinal cord injuries and the important role of technology aiding the rehabilitation.
The 43,000-pound ReWalk suit, designed by Israeli entrepreneur Amit Goffer, enables people with lower-limb paralysis to stand, walk and climb stairs through motion sensors and an onboard computer system.
Most people should be able to learn to use the suit in three weeks or less, says Amit Goffer, ReWalk's developer.
The defendants pleading today were former stock trader and founder of Incremental Capital Zvi Goffer, his brother Emanuel Goffer, Michael Kimelman, David Plate.
Goffer promptly tipped four traders at three different broker-dealer firms and another professional trader Craig Drimal, who each then traded either for their own account or their firm's proprietary accounts.
Goffer (retired research scientist, Soreq Nuclear Research Center) writes for archeologists, of course, but he also carefully considers the needs of physical anthropologists, students, conservators, curators and art historians.
Instead the prince will be a goffer for a rescue team in Wales.
Mind you, next to go on a course could be Lamb's sidekick Tony Bell, goffer and sometime photographer.
In all, the characteristics of these features are inconsistent with the high, sustained temperatures necessary for cremation (see Bellomo 1993; Buikstra & Swegle 1989; Goffer 1980; White 2002).
Amit Goffer, is a person with quadriplegia who was inspired to invent the exoskeleton device because of his own personal story.
The pounds 43,000 RealWalk suit was designed by Israeli entrepreneur Amit Goffer.
Amit Goffer was paralysed in a car crash in 1997 and immediately set out to invent a device - 'ReWalk': robotic trousers that use sensors and motors to allow paralysed patients to stand, walk and even climb stairs.
The system is designed by Israeli scientist Amit Goffer, who has a spinal-cord injury (SCI).