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a red or yellow or brown mineral


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The palaeomagnetic data suggest that the low-temperature component is carried by goethite, while the ChRM carrier is most possibly Ti-magnetite.
goethite and gibbsite) and 1 : 1 lattice clays such as kaolinite are particularly important in P sorption by soils (Uehara and Gillman 1981).
3 million-ton iron oxide resource comprises distinctive limonite, goethite, and hematite alongside a deposit of halloysite clay, whose applications include a high performance concrete pozzolan, Dragonite.
LOI values vary according to the relative quantities of hematite and goethite.
Collins CR, Ragnarsdottir KV, Sherman DM (1999) Effect of inorganic and organic ligands on the mechanism of cadmium sorption to goethite.
d] values in Bagacay soil are high, ranging from 62 to 84 g/kg (resulting in goethite equivalents of 10-13%), which are much higher than the values of [Fe.
Grossl PR, Eick M, Sparks DL, Goldberg S, Ainsworth CC (1997) Arsenate and chromate retention mechanisms on goethite.
Analysis of the screened fractions indicates that significant levels of HREE are associated with kaolin (very fine clay mineral) and goethite (iron hydroxide).
The mottled zone consists of segregations of subdominant red and orange colours, which are partly or wholly cemented by goethite and/or hematite.
Focusing on the project's Telecom Hill East prospect within the Robinson Ranges, the reverse circulation percussion (RCP) drilling program has confirmed hematite and goethite enrichment of the target area (See Figure 1 in full announcement), identified from geological mapping and aeromagnetic survey data taken in 2011.
The clay mineralogy of these soils contains the usual components, namely kaolinite, gibbsite, haematite, goethite, and titanium oxides (Schwertmann and Herbillon 1992).
Studies of remote sensing images and aeromagnetic data, together with the historical sampling results (see Figure 1 and Appendix 1 link below), have outlined several areas of potential haematite and/or goethite enrichment, providing attractive targets for initial exploration.
goethite (yellow), so that the anhydride Iron Oxide form, i.
Conversely, steel forms goethite ([alpha]-FeOOH), also called red-rust, in atmospheric conditions.