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Synonyms for waste

Synonyms for waste

to use up foolishly or needlessly

to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

to pass (time) without working or in avoiding work

to fail to take advantage of


to do away with completely and destructively

to destroy completely as or as if by conquering

to take the life of (a person or persons) unlawfully

a tract of unproductive land

Synonyms for waste

the trait of wasting resources

an uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation

(law) reduction in the value of an estate caused by act or neglect

spend thoughtlessly

use inefficiently or inappropriately

run off as waste


Related Words

get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing

lose vigor, health, or flesh, as through grief

Related Words

cause to grow thin or weak

cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly

become physically weaker

located in a dismal or remote area

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And in her vision of the future, every kitchen will have this sort of recycling unit where nothing goes to waste.
The researchers note that ordinary LEDs send about 98 percent of their emissions in directions where the light goes to waste.
They developed their technology to help farmers who watch helplessly every year as a sizeable share of their crop goes to waste.
Re ``Water largely goes to waste in big storms'' (Jan.
Bohl has exercised considerable economy: Not a scrap goes to waste.