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Synonyms for pear-shaped

having a round shape tapered at one end

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(of sounds) full and rich

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When one break-in goes pear-shaped, they end up with a hostage, and go from trying to save the world to trying to save themselves from jail.
Stop losses will remain in place, which means that if anything goes pear-shaped in the Test series, our punters will not suffer that badly.
She says: ``We have perfected the art of juggling all this and it works fine when everything is going well but if there's illness or a trip to the dentist then it all goes pear-shaped.
And, if it goes pear-shaped, you'll owe it to your bookie.
After an attempted heist goes pear-shaped, Michael is for the off, accompanied by dad (Jim Broadbent) and pal, Jodie Whittaker.
Polar Heat, by Chris Owen, is a comedy about a radio interview which goes pear-shaped.
But Mills warned: ``If it goes pear-shaped against Nigeria, then the Argentina result will mean nothing.
But it all goes pear-shaped when Jean Slater confronts Janine at the wedding and Michael confesses he stole his money from her.
Nathan wins Katie over during a special picnic but the fling goes pear-shaped when the possessive toff sacks Lee from his job.
But promoter Ken Purchase tells me that there are work permit problems and he is battling furiously to find a late substitute if it all goes pear-shaped.
But if the Euro 2008 bid goes pear-shaped McLeish could become disenchanted while Smith should be in for the long haul at Ibrox.
No honour or dignity either in a politician who wholeheartedly supported that invasion - and turned a blind eye to a UN resolution fiddled to make it look legal - running for cover when the whole thing goes pear-shaped.
Well, another game goes pear-shaped and Yogi makes yet another monumental management descision.