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If the kill cord is merely attached to the boat and not to the driver, then if the driver goes overboard, the engine continues running and the boat does not stop.
Where: An eccentric Eschenbach goes overboard in making familiar music novel, but Quasthoff's moving Mahler compensates.
Sure, the former Duke goes overboard with her tweezing, moisturizing, and exfoliating--but on the other hand, Noelle's best attempt to copy an outfit from Seventeen magazine gets her sent home from school for appearing in "unfortunate attire.
Whenever she goes overboard, I just play along or start laughing.
But like Myers, Simon often goes overboard in the interests of not facing the flaws in his own arguments.
The wireless device frees the boat operator while giving them and their crew the peace of mind in knowing the boat will stop if the operator goes overboard or an alarm will sound if a passenger accidentally slips out.