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a vital part that is vulnerable to attack

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SYSCO constantly goes for the jugular vein" of its unionized workforce, said Frank Gillen, President of Local 500 in Philadelphia.
an ironic prophet who goes for the jugular in these canny and acute renderings of .
Pinn goes for the jugular vein of radical black religion (by dismissing the positive suffering of Jesus on the cross and the existence of God) in order to situate the black liberation struggle on a more sure footing.
In these unsettling and witty essays, Emil always goes for the jugular in his razor-sharp jabs at the `isms,' pettinesses and follies that deny us our humanity," said noted Asian American scholar and author Ron Takaki, whose work includes Of A Different Mirror and Strangers From a Different Shore.
While most modern American horror films shy away from full-on gore in search of a lenient certificate and a teenage audience, Switchblade Romance literally goes for the jugular.