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If one server goes down, the other server immediately takes over.
If one server goes down, its traffic is automatically routed to the other server.
Kieran Culkin has family issues in ``Igby Goes Down.
It's a pretty sizable craft, and when it goes down there's not going to be much you can put back in the air,'' Stufflebeem said.
You have compressed margins, and the volume goes down, so you can't make a reasonable profit.
If prices shoot up again, a distinct possibility if another refinery goes down, stations could soon begin cutting operating hours and laying off employees.
Every time a plane goes down - be it a jumbo jet carrying 200 or more passengers or a small propeller plane with two or three people aboard - the news grabs our attention, for we share a fear of flying to one degree or another.
Still, whenever a plane goes down there is speculation as to the cause, and it usually focuses on sabotage rather than a mechanical problem.
When programs like this are in place, your truancy goes down, gang trouble goes down and teen pregnancy goes down,'' he noted.