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someone who leaves

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He adds, "Festival goers are often warned about the dangers of alcohol and drug taking while at a summer festival.
Festival goers splashed their way around the site and one bar manager reported a customer heading for his bar in a canoe to beat the floods.
Its aims are to promote the interests of Britain''s pub goers, champion well-run community pubs, support the rebalancing of alcohol taxation to support beer and pubs, press for reform of beer tie to deliver a fair deal for consumers and support the role of well-run pubs as solutions to alcohol misuse.
But if theater goers comment that seeing a show in the spiffed-up Geffen isn't unlike seeing a performance in the pre-renovated Geffen, that works, too.
Despite the weather, most festival goers were just happy to be at Glastonbury for their annual few days of alternative life style accompanied by some of the best music in the world.
Dear Editor, -I must congratulate John Clayton's letter (Post, 0ct 11) with reference to noisy concert goers.
And there are strong indicators of burgeoning interest and activity in younger spa goers.
A spokesman said: "Concert- goers, especially women, may fall victim to unknowing consumption of drugs.
In Iowa, Congressman Paul garnered 16 percent of the likely Republican caucus goers surveyed, on the heels of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich who earned 20 and 27 percent, respectively.
The study provides an in-depth understanding of African American movie goers and their consumption patterns versus general market movie goers.
MERSEYSIDE'S ambulance service is pleading with the regions' party goers to stop and think about alcohol this Christmas.
MOST young pub goers have never heard a knock knock joke according to a survey by a Sutton Coldfield based bar TV channel As a result Smartbox, a new TV channel being broadcast to pubs and clubs, has launched a campaign to save the ailing joke from extinction.
Topco Associates LLC announces that James (Jim) Goers has joined the company as Vice President, National Brands.
But only a few performances were lost to the weather and by this afternoon, festival goers were enjoying the music almost unaffected by the remaining water.
Festival goers claimed that they would rather pay to meet the stars than anything else including have a shower, have safe sex or even buy some toilet roll