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a male godchild

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My godson #carrotsRus #georgie @karen_w_b a beautiful mother and a best friend forever#blessed p.
Melissa has done so much for her godson - my son - and I wanted to say thank you.
His email to Mrs Lewis read: "I would like you and your husband to know that his godson Andrew and my two grandsons and I are all off shortly to watch Swansea try to beat the Saints at St Mary's
Bottom WORK IT: "Doing 40-60 squats for a minute "Doing 40-60 squats for a minuteevery morning will keep your thighs and buttocks toned," says Suzi Godson, author of uzi Godson, author of The Body Bible.
She is the sister of former education minister and DIKO member Kyriacos Kenevezos, the godson of the late President Tassos Papadopoulos and currently the Cypriot ambassador to Greece.
The Director of Public Works, Federal Road Maintenance Agency, FERMA, Godson Amos are seeking the communities in Imo state to help the government in the cleaning of minor drainage system in their areas.
Sue McClellan, Gary Wallis-Clarke, and Malcolm Allum with pupils Haesten Godson, Ayesha Bajwa, Holly Stevenson and Michael Karam
He leaves his godson, Justin Morgan and his wife Tiffany and their children Sophia, Bryson & Garrett of Browns Summit, NC.
He is loved and remembered every day by sisters Jean and Lily, brother-in-law John and godson Adrian'.
Dr Godson said: "We Know that levels of dental decay vary widely amongst five-year-old children living in different parts of the country and in different life circumstances.
For the next ten years Tenbury had two modest spas, one at The Court and another adjacent to The Crow Inn, both of which were owned by Septimus Godson.
sharing the stories of worship from the World Council of Churches Assembly with groups of people back home, welcoming a new parishioner into the church, holding my godson .
She even took in and eventually adopted a godson, whom she still visits at least once a year in the Philippines.
Godson believed that the device could do more: He reasoned that the algae could use the carbon dioxide he exhaled, and provide him with oxygen in return.
Godson has joined Babson Capital Europe, an investment management firm, and is to be based in London.