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a person who sponsors someone (the godchild) at baptism

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15) Spanish-Mexican settler Antonio Franco Coronel recalled the typical exchange between godparent and godchild, stating, "When young people met their godparents anywhere, they were obliged to take off their hats and ask a blessing.
He also found that the legislation from that same council failed overall, despite reduction in the number of godparents in northern Italy.
Many couples choose godparents, traditionally two women and one man for girls and vice versa for boys, whose role is to be a Christian mentor to help their godson or goddaughter in their journey as they embrace their new faith.
Parents and godparents gather at the font with the child; declarations or promises are made on behalf of the child that they believe in God and will bring the child up to follow Jesus.
As an adult, I understand that a godparent is more than someone who harbors an orphan.
London, October 14 ( ANI ): The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have decided on their childhood friends to become the godparents of their son, Prince George, in order to provide him with "stability and normality", it has been revealed.
He said they need new godparents to sponsor a Romanian child for pounds 1 a week.
She knew her dad, Jimmy, was part of the Krays' scene (Reggie Kray was godparent to her brother, Jamie) but a criminologist assured her he WASN'T part of the Krays' firm.
It was a truncated baptismal ceremony in which Armstrong, an atheist, was the only godparent, and the boy being baptized had no reasonable expectation of being brought up as a Catholic (pp.
My gay brother and I were also passed over as godparent potential for her children, as she instead opted for distant friends to take on this wonderful role.
SEVEN TO TAKE ON GODPARENT DUTIES ZARA TINDALL Zara is William's cousin and along with husband Mike, a former international rugby player, are well known members of the royal family.
The revelation has raised questions about what kind of role a godparent plays in a 21st-century, post-religious world.
However, Seward said that there are no hard and fast rules about the names selected for godparents, but the royal family has never had a celebrity as a godparent.
The third godparent to be announced is William's friend Hugh van Cutsem, whose late father was a friend of Prince Charles.
The godparent relation establishes a tie comparable to a close friend or relative.