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a person who sponsors someone (the godchild) at baptism

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Apparently among Latinos, godparents help defray the costs of a wedding.
Maybe it's time for us parents to stop keeping tabs on how much cash so and so godparent was able to give and how much so and so wasn't able to shell out.
I had been a parent for a couple of years by this time and felt slightly more clued in to what I wanted in a godparent.
Ana Maria's husband, Rogerio, never appeared as a baptismal godparent, and Maria del Carmen's husband, Marcelino, sponsored only two baptisms.
Candles may be lit and given to the parens and godparents.
In related news, while Prince William and Middleton are picking Markle to be among the godparents of their upcoming baby, Prince Harry will still not be part of the list.
London, October 14 ( ANI ): The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have decided on their childhood friends to become the godparents of their son, Prince George, in order to provide him with "stability and normality", it has been revealed.
He said they need new godparents to sponsor a Romanian child for pounds 1 a week.
2 : a person who represents someone being baptized and takes responsibility for his or her spiritual development : godparent
She knew her dad, Jimmy, was part of the Krays' scene (Reggie Kray was godparent to her brother, Jamie) but a criminologist assured her he WASN'T part of the Krays' firm.
It was a truncated baptismal ceremony in which Armstrong, an atheist, was the only godparent, and the boy being baptized had no reasonable expectation of being brought up as a Catholic (pp.
My gay brother and I were also passed over as godparent potential for her children, as she instead opted for distant friends to take on this wonderful role.
com/prince-harry-wont-be-godparent-kate-middleton-prince-williams-third-child-2598748) Richard Fitzwilliams , Prince Harry will not be among the godparents of Middleton and Prince William's third child.
However, Seward said that there are no hard and fast rules about the names selected for godparents, but the royal family has never had a celebrity as a godparent.
The little one has George Michael as a Godparent and is at risk of being Christened Jezebel.