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any woman who serves as a sponsor for a child at baptism

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Upon my word, godmother, I am afraid I must be selfish next, and get you to set me right in the back and the legs.
then I tell you what change I think you had better begin with, godmother.
Not,' she added with the quaint hitch of her chin and eyes, 'that you need be a very wonderful godmother to do that deed.
But the fun is, godmother, how I make the great ladies try my dresses on.
Bless you, godmother,' said Miss Wren, 'I have to scud about town at all hours.
All good things in threes,' she said to the Mouse; 'I have again to stand godmother.
You have devoured all when you were standing godmother.
But my godmother wrote a stiff letter declining for me, and I never went.
Dinner was over, and my godmother and I were sitting at the table before the fire.
I broke out crying and sobbing, and I said, "Oh, dear godmother, tell me, pray do tell me, did Mama die on my birthday?
I felt the distance between my godmother and myself so much more after the birthday, and felt so sensible of filling a place in her house which ought to have been empty, that I found her more difficult of approach, though I was fervently grateful to her in my heart, than ever.
Enter and say to the Princess whom you will find there: "I will guide the plough and you must go and rest, or walk in the cool green forest; for this is the command of your Fairy Godmother.
And it came to pass that people began to pick them up, and holding them against the sun, to read what was written on them, and this was because the simple little words on the leaves were only, after all, a part of one of the King's messages, such as the Fairy Godmother dropped continually from her golden chariot.
Whenever the Princess pricked the words upon the leaves she added a thought of her Fairy Godmother, and folding it close within, sent the leaf out on the breeze to float hither and thither and fall where it would.
The end of the story is not come, but it may be that some day when the Fairy Godmother has a message to deliver in person straight to the King, he will say: "Your face I know; your voice, your thoughts, and your heart.