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Synonyms for godlessness

the doctrine or belief that there is no God


impiety by virtue of not being a godly person


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The Elizabethan and Jacobean stage knew all about horrible acts, but no one had stated better than Shakespeare the principle of tyranny with so sure a grasp of its fundamental nature, which is its practical and fundamental godlessness.
In Godlessness we trust: Using social psychology to solve the puzzle of anti-atheist prejudice.
In a first, American atheists are planning to launch a television channel, dedicated exclusively for non-believers, to propagate godlessness.
Crowe presents Fritsch as an avant-garde playwright who offers remedies to the godlessness of modern life within theater, a genre in the unique position to fill a perceived metaphysical vacuum in today's world.
The late Christopher Hitchens, one of the most articulate voices for a principled godlessness, suggested, somewhat facetiously yet bearing a certain truth, that Jews are genetically predisposed to atheism.
The open mind seeking truth will see it but the closed mind that embraces godlessness will war against that truth and twist the data and the "facts" to deceive others.
The survey of 2,000 people, to mark the release of epic series 'The Bible' on DVD and Blu-Ray, also revealed that many people had no idea who Adam and Eve were, or who built the Ark, exposing the level of godlessness among Brits.
But it is only in the twentieth century in the countries of the so called socialist bloc that godlessness was elevated to the level of state ideology.
There is a gap between the ethical standards of a monotheistic religion and the godlessness of the ratings or news values of modern popular culture.
And then, of course, not all shi'ites are Hezbollah; a great many of them believe that the cult of Ali actually calls upon them to be tolerant to the members of other religions--and anyway, even before the communists came and forced godlessness upon them, the Azerbaijanis were predominantly secular.
Secularism is not a synonym for godlessness or atheism or any other form of anti-religiousness, said Berlinerblau, author of How to be Secular: A Call to Arms for Religious Freedom.
Not only did he attack the rise of aggressive secularism in Western societies, he also warned Europeans that they were drifting into a "desert of godlessness.
Norwich sets itself apart as the capital of Godlessness with the highest proportion of people (42.
I did the same, though my godlessness came from Lennon rather than Lucretius.
An explanation of the rise of religious political activism lies in the failure of secular political systems that banned women's hijab, disapproved growing traditional beard for men and denied sermons on Friday prayer, seen by many as acts of godlessness, apart from being unable to contain the violence directed particularly at Islamic groups.