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Synonyms for godless

Synonyms for godless

not revering god


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A line like this says "It's all right" as persistently, meaninglessly, and godlessly as a thousand pop songs.
They make very good use of their own position and godlessly swindle us both politically and economically.
Forgetting our Lord God, your numerous pledges of allegiance, your soul and beliefs, your Holy Orthodox faith, God's churches, your suffering beloved Fatherland, you renounced the limitless fatherly benevolence and good deeds of His Grace the tsar, your hereditary master, and did not only break away from his power, but also shamelessly and godlessly attacked him, raising your tyrannical hand against [your master] who is as your natural father.
One who godlessly "gains the world and forfeits his life" will of course end up in the devil's hands.