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Synonyms for godless

Synonyms for godless

not revering god


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Stand still in bright array ye Saints, here stand Ye Angels arm'd, this day from Battel rest; Faithful hath been your Warfare, and of God Accepted, fearless in his righteous Cause, And as ye have receivd, so have ye don Invincibly; but of this cursed crew The punishment to other hand belongs, Vengeance is his, or whose he sole appoints; Number to this dayes work is not ordain'd Nor multitude, stand onely and behold Gods indignation on these Godless pourd By mee; not you but mee they have despis'd, Yet envied; against mee is all thir rage, Because the Father, t' whom in Heav'n supream Kingdom and Power and Glorie appertains, Hath honourd me according to his will.
This is my sermon for THEIR ears: I am Zarathustra the godless, who saith: "Who is more godless than I, that I may enjoy his teaching?
He took Rebecca to task once or twice about the propriety of playing at backgammon with Sir Pitt, saying that it was a godless amusement, and that she would be much better engaged in reading "Thrump's Legacy," or "The Blind Washerwoman of Moorfields," or any work of a more serious nature; but Miss Sharp said her dear mother used often to play the same game with the old Count de Trictrac and the venerable Abbe du Cornet, and so found an excuse for this and other worldly amusements.
All my poor aunt's early life had been passed in her father's godless household.
We have come to seek a refuge from the violent man and from the godless, even though it be the heart of the desert.
You are lying and slandering from some spite against me, simply from pique, because I did not agree with your free-thinking, godless, social propositions
As though that godless calumny was not enough--this vile creature attacks me
Repeated surveys have been cited as showing the decline of American faith, the growth of atheism and of the number of people admitting to no religion -- the famous 'Nones,' so that once famously religious America seems set to secularize on the lines of Godless Europe," said Byron Johnson, Ph.
It is exploiting ethnic sentiments to promote its Godless ideology.
Thriving in Babylon--Why Hope, Humility, and Wisdom Matter in a Godless Culture
They pervert and twist Islam to justify godless acts of violence that mark out murderers hiding behind religion as blood-curdling psychopaths.
A big part of why I'm so passionately committed to the godless community and the godless movement is that I'm passionately opposed to how religion has traditionally dealt with sexuality--sexuality in general, and LGBT sexuality in particular.
Society has no cohesion, broken through all that is wrong The young with no future know not where they belong, Britain once known as great now an immoral Godless land, A plutocracy, the decadent rich now rule our land with The apathy of the proletariat being a helping hand.
The "Go Godless Instead" campaign, which was launched this week in Austin and Dallas, Texas, comprises four different billboard designs, each featuring the photo of a different GOP mouthpiece.
brilliant man, who knew he had no more to "Sadly, especially in the West," he said, "one encounters ambiguities about the meaning of human rights and their corresponding "A offer a godless and greedy world.