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Kielder: Orange and Black mini godheads, Green Fritz.
a The second tradition, and the one which has the greatest following in American culture, is that of athe Judeo-Christian god and other personalized godheads who act directly and anthropomorphically upon history with moods of love, jealousy, favoritism, and judgmental rage.
What it is: French electronic scene godheads Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic banded together to release imaginative electronic singles reflecting their desire for weird synths, wild parties and wicked humor.
When the power-crazed dwarf, Alberich (Gordon Hawkins), dressed ironically like a Swiss Banker, proclaims, "You will be enslaved by your greed for gold," the indictment seems particularly apt in the era of Bernie Madoff and all the other greed-driven godheads of corporate finance.
Their topics include the world and the independent self as two godheads, a reconstruction of his transcendental ethics, the chimera of an independent arbiter in moral philosophy, confessions from an irreligious life, and his approach to religion in the metaphysical thinking of Habermas.
we may, if we choose, replace the references to Jesus with references to other godheads or symbols of divinity," she says.
The founder of sixth-century tritheism was John Askotzanges (Muqo d-zeqo) from Apamea in about 560, who 'confessed that there were as many natures, substances and godheads as hypostases'.