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Synonyms for godforsaken

Synonyms for godforsaken

located in a dismal or remote area


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Everything about this Godforsaken settlement on the lonely west coast of Eire is ghastly.
Once a deity at Burnley he is now Judas to the Clarets, but the Scot proclaimed himself Moses having led the Turf Moor team from the wilderness before deciding that the best way to spread the gospel according to Owen is to take a new congregation in Bolton (and I will resist the jokes about what a godforsaken place it is).
As the embodiment of all that is holy in this otherwise godforsaken world, it is of particular concern to me that nicking stuff is one of the few industries experiencing a genuine surge in these troubled times.
That's mainly because I've developed trench foot from rain-lashed hours spent on the muddy sidelines of Godforsaken park pitches.
But we're all in this together in a world which has become a global village small enough for us to bump into home town pals on expeditions to any godforsaken corner of any continent you care to mention.
Craig Barber, just 20 years old when an insurgent bullet killed him, is another statistic, another casualty of the war in Iraq, the third Welsh soldier to die in that Godforsaken country along with two security guards from Wales.
You can almost hear the councillors puffing up their chests declaring, "London is a godforsaken place where no-one acknowledges each other, at least in .
I, for one, am fed up playing the same old teams who have nothing better to do than to try to keep us in this godforsaken division with them.
Peace, tranquillity, escapism until suddenly it happens - that Godforsaken sound that's almost as annoying as Shirley Temple Bar.
It's not a mystery that the stupid and the godforsaken are voting for Bush--he's their ideal candidate.
One tragedy later, Sarah just has to don her desert whites and accompany several truckloads of food she's bought to the refugee camp Nick and his American partner Elliott (Noah Emmerich) run in the godforsaken middle of Ethiopia.
If Jesus is risen, then you and I must go on following into all those godforsaken places where only one sent by Jesus ever goes.
Yet thousands of these matches take place every weekend, from Hackney Marshes to some godforsaken recereation ground in Glasgow.
A largely godforsaken movement eventuated, the last New York movement: New Image.
Starting with four academics and their search for a reclusive (maybe non-existent) German novelist, and visiting a godforsaken, murder-strewn Mexican metropolis, 2666 has taken me to parts of myself I haven't visited for a long time.