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Synonyms for goddamned

expletives used informally as intensifiers


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Well, life is going to give you plenty of goddamned opportunity.
I always really looked up to John for being so goddamned authentic.
And, she's a she, but I'm really happy to see it getting such a foothold in the States, cause it is the international sport and it's so much goddamned fun.
That's how we're going to grow out of the mess that was created by the goddamned banks.
Christ, if I'd only left those goddamned lions alone.
Keohane nodded, thinking it was one of those goddamned things for sure.
Our biggest concern was it would burn another generation of investors and you'd start the whole goddamned tale of tears over again," Burton, 59, recalls of the talks.
GORDON'S TIP: There's no need to blow the arse off every goddamned sprout.
I'm far too sensitive" Film star Liv Tyler "You make me feel like a seriously boring middle-class white Englishman" What broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby said to a Ghanaian fashion designer "Economists have no more idea of how to control spending than astrophysicists - and a rather greater capacity to think up clever reasons for doing nothing" Lord Waldegrave, a former Tory chief secretary to the Treasury "He is yet another goddamned public relations man, as if there are not enough in government already" Tory peer Lord Tebbit on Danny Alexander, the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury "Bono at times gets a reputation for having something of a bloated ego.
over and over at the night nurse and calls her a goddamned bitch,
Seeing Bogie, Sinatra and their cronies come straggling in after a night on the town she exclaimed "You look like a goddamned rat pack
Any time I see a person fleeing from reason and into religion, I think to myself, There goes a person who simply cannot stand being so goddamned lonely anymore.
My father cursed a storm at the lots across the street: "Filthy goddamned [a word I never was able to find in any dictionary, of slang, filth, or otherwise] Kansans
Late because they're stuck in one exilic fantasy or another; late because the adventure of ingathering doesn't seem all on the up and up; late because they're owed payments, and you're goddamned right they're going to collect .
It's no less than a goddamned shame that our government is currently at odds because if we worked together, with Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, we could solve many Middle East problems from Iraq, Afghanistan to Palestine.