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Synonyms for goddamned

expletives used informally as intensifiers


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keep those Goddamned balls out of my iris and the Goddamned roses.
He wanted to know whether they were winning or losing this goddamned war.
And no sooner did they come up then I'm on the goddamned phone yelling to get the goddamned tanks out of there," he remembered.
PRE-WAR LIVERPOOL SONG Well do I remember In the days that used to be When my mammy saved her pennies To buy new shoes for me It's a feeling you all had New shoes to make you glad But the best days I recall Was when we had no shoes at all They were barefoot days When we were just a couple of kids Barefoot days oh boy the things that we often did We'd go down to a shady nook With a bamboo stick and a dockers hook We'd fish all day and fish all night But the goddamned fish refuse to bite So then we'd slide on someone's toilet door We'd slide and slide until our pants got tore Then we had to go to home, had to go to bed While our mother got busy with the needle and thread Oh boy what joy we had in barefoot days by A.
Emily we won it feels so good to be winning the flame of victory pass it around it never goes out dinosaurs ruled Massachusetts dinosaurs fucking and laying eggs in Amherst Boston Mount Holyoke then you appeared high priestess pulling it out of the goddamned garden with both hands .
Physicists say Lederman, who over the years has been the target of much opprobrium from his scientific colleagues, tells friends he wanted to call the book "The Goddamned Particle" to reflect frustration at the failure to find it.
In the morning we abandon our footsteps, and the southern-most point of this goddamned earth is such a circling in my eyes that Kant must cover his ears as I become astronomical in distance.
And, she's a she, but I'm really happy to see it getting such a foothold in the States, cause it is the international sport and it's so much goddamned fun.
Keohane nodded, thinking it was one of those goddamned things for sure.
I purchase a lot of books, yes, but I don't finish most of the ones I begin, and the ones I do finish I rarely enjoy; the critics say it was hilarious and I didn't laugh once; they say it was heartbreaking and I find it melodramatic; they say it was unique and I find it's another goddamned story about a dying old guy in bed looking back on his life.
And finally, in "Daughter's Dog," in the second of two poems from his forthcoming collection from Vehicule Press--his first book of all-new poems in a decade--Don Coles literally shouts out for a halt to the relentless movement towards the end: "you're taking / too much with you into that goddamned / charnel house
I'm far too sensitive" Film star Liv Tyler "You make me feel like a seriously boring middle-class white Englishman" What broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby said to a Ghanaian fashion designer "Economists have no more idea of how to control spending than astrophysicists - and a rather greater capacity to think up clever reasons for doing nothing" Lord Waldegrave, a former Tory chief secretary to the Treasury "He is yet another goddamned public relations man, as if there are not enough in government already" Tory peer Lord Tebbit on Danny Alexander, the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury "Bono at times gets a reputation for having something of a bloated ego.
over and over at the night nurse and calls her a goddamned bitch,
He just couldn't keep his hands off them goddamned sparklers.
I cried like a goddamned baby for six months," Floyd Esson said.