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Synonyms for goddamn

used as expletives


Related Words

expletives used informally as intensifiers


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Sondenheimer is heard shouting "open the goddamn door" as he realises they are they are plummeting at 3,500ft per minute.
They can have the goddamn house and stick it up their f***ing asses.
Erin McKeown's Sing You Sinners isn't merely a ray of hope for fans of classic jazz and pop vocalists; it's a goddamn solar flare.
WITH their debut album entitled There Are No Happy Endings and featuring such tracks as Goddamn Suicide, Funeral Song, Roadkill and My Demise, it's fairly apparent that Engerica's songwriter Dave Gardner has a thing about death.
We came all this way to England, and he can't bloody well plug in his goddamn electronic gear.
He said, 'We have to honor God with the Christmas tree, goddamn it.
Later, seeing the premiere of Bugaku or Seven Deadly Sins, I remember how sexy Allegra [Kent] was--how goddamn erotic she was.
In their hands it veered from my attempt to convey a complex combination of cooperation and competition to a paranoid view of lockstep Japan: 'It's all one big plot and they're winning, goddamn itl They're all marching together to a common drummer, and if we could find the bastard and shoot him, we'd solve the problem
Leave the goddamn starfish out of your gratuitous marketing campaign.
Decades later, Bill Davidson still seethed over that remark, stating the obvious: "There was no goddamn industry to start with, I mean what are we setting back seven years?
Goddamn to hell, I didn't tell them to go flick up the goddamn Ellsberg place.
He is, in his own words, a phenomenon: "Goddamn it, I could have been in Rome or fucking Siam, or anywhere and anywhere I went they'd have clustered round beaming and saluting, because - goddamn it, I'm Tornado Pratt
They include web-site reviews and a look at the strangest videos circulating in America's underground, including a return visit to the first season's sensation: the drunkest rednecks in the South - Uncle Goddamn and the Elmore family.
Paddy MacRae, from Clydebank, asks: "Which two actors did director John Ford direct this comment to: 'Fifty years in this goddamn business and what do I end up doing?