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Synonyms for goddam

expletives used informally as intensifiers


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The next and final song on In Concert, "Mississippi Goddam," is a war cry, anticipating a critical shift in the Civil Rights Movement: from going limp to fighting back.
An' that's it--they wanta jus' fling their goddam muscles aroun' an' get tired.
The song laid a path for future African American musicians to push for civil and human rights, including Nina Simone ("Mississippi Goddam," 1964), Aretha Franklin ("Think," 1968), Edwin Starr ("War," 1969), Jimi Hendrix (the cacophonous antiwar version of "The Star Spangled Banner," 1969), and Public Enemy (" Fight the Power," 1975).
This much I get: when it comes to food, the primordial brain tells you to lay waste to the bread basket within seconds of its arrival and compels you to order red meat, any meat in fact, with blood sauce - and tell the chef to hold the goddam garnishes.
Does it matter if it's God Particle or Goddam Particle?
It's like when you hear Nina Simone sing Mississippi Goddam, there is no way you won't feel something after listening to that song" said Gillian.
According to details, a twenty-year-old, Waris Chohan lost his life when he fell into a well in Khursheed Colony, while a car killed sixty years old beggar, namely Ali Raza, near Bholari Goddam.
And O my girl turn your naked breasts against my chest and let my hands release their fever on your thighs and belly and throat O let my mouth suck the dear breath out of your lungs and let my hurting need and hunger like a fire of bulls pour themselves clean into your soft waiting flesh and let no sparrow anywhere fall or any sad guy get kicked out into the street O let the rain and the snow and the bitter wind beat in vain on the shacks of the poor and keep that beautiful goddam horn blaring away right in the face of all their filthy governments.
As if every night, we'd have to bring out the fiddle and the spoons and have a sing-along, I get my back up when I hear some folklore freak say of the electric guitar, That's not Acadian: I can only answer, 'I don't give a goddam.
Reading the poems--she even takes the goddam poems I throw in the wastebasket and reads them.
This isn't about your analyst, your astrologer, your astronomer, your phrenologist--it's that goddam horse, isn't it?
Dere's no guy livin' dat knows Brooklyn t'roo an' t'roo," the North Carolinian Thomas Wolfe once wrote, in what might have struck him and the New Yorker's editors as Brooklynese, "because it'd take a guy a lifetime just to find his way aroun' duh goddam town.
As Rob quite rightly fumes - annoying prats who think it''s their goddam right to play music through their headphones, but they''re so cheap the noise is still heard.
What the hell, aren't I the goddam President of the United States of America?