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an infant who is sponsored by an adult (the godparent) at baptism

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We have to pay attention to how far from the faith a godchild has moved and ask ourselves how we can nudge him or her back.
It really was great having my Godchild around, especially when you're going and seeing things like the Smurfs.
The Virtual Book of Dreams Grand Prize Winner will be chosen via the voting process in mid-October, named the Godchild of the Carnival WaterWorks water slide aboard the Carnival Dream and invited to participate in a ship christening ceremony in New York City in mid-November 2009.
The Precious Moments Collection is adding figurines honoring the relationship between godparent and godchild, Mother's Day and graduation 2001.
While in Antigua, Guatemala, on a workteam with the Godchild Project, we were given a tour of the "Chicken Project.
When I interviewed her in 1981, she had initiated thirty-two people into the Orisha tradition, and as the first santera to initiate a recognized Orisha godchild in New York City, she established precedents for performing initiation ceremonies there.
At the edge of Antigua, Guatemala the prosperity of a tourist town meet the destitute poverty in which descendants of a proud Mayan people live Therein dwells the Godchild Project.
As the godchild of Chaka Khan and the "New Jack Swing King" Aaron Hall, she has been surrounded by music since birth.
He leaves a sister, Susan and her husband James Sheldon of Dudley and his Godchild and niece Samantha whom he shared special times with.
Read to a nephew or niece, a godchild or friend's child.
SUPPORT: Bouquet at church yesterday; MEMORIES: Snap of Madeleine at age of two; JOY: kate and Gerry McCann dote on godchild at their wedding and (inset) at friend's marriage
Most people looking to shower gifts upon a dote-worthy godchild usually content themselves with giving a stuffed animal, a cool toy, maybe an article of clothing.
The research suggests that spirituality is no longer the sole purpose of the godparent and godchild relationship.
As Marie held this precious bundle to her heart she prayed, "Oh, cherished gift from God, my godchild, you too are welcomed with love in this family.
A typical example was a small sculpture lying on the floor, apparently a godchild of the Dutch Conceptualist Bas Jan Ader.