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very unpleasant

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At the least after that God-awful performance we expected the team to be embarrassed and reflect on how they let us all down, but instead, just hours after the match, they're in the bar with a cigar and beers.
Short on cash and keen on drinking in some God-awful "Irish" bar that evening, I declined the chance to go up.
We were walking back in and we heard this god-awful noise," Ms.
Later in the '70s, maybe the early' 80s, he stopped me on the street in New York one night and talked to me about this god-awful disease that was running throughout the gay community.
Not when you are hassled by touts as soon as you drive in, are asked to watch racing from the top of the main grandstand in members' with a restricted view down the course, courtesy of the rig erected for concerts, and are subjected throughout to the incessant, God-awful warbling of assorted Z-list classical performers.
It ends: "We cannot begin to come to terms with the terrible loss of this man and nothing ever prepares you for what must be dealt with - under such God-awful circumstances as these.
And the usual suspects -- politicians, lobbyists and special-interest groups -- now claim that their private poll shows that term limits are a God-awful disaster, and that voters are more favorable than in the past to scrapping or modifying them.
Some are Van Gogh, some are god-awful but we dig 'em all.
the new media craze is the alleged housing bubble and how soon it will bust with God-awful consequences.
The retired IBM sales executive Hal Topper, who was instrumental in pushing computers into the profession, recalls that as recently as 1989, the level of technological expertise among accounting firms "was in a God-awful state.
It's a god-awful small affair to the girl with the mousy hair' is the opening line from which song?
Given that these books are so god-awful, why then have they sold more than 60 million copies?
We like the truly unique stuff, like a gi-normous wooden plant stand shaped like a monkey, or a god-awful change purse adorned with bulldogs wearing diamonds.
That answer requires more spiritual warriors to help fight against the God-awful metastasis of a terrorist's God, without allowing a God of Terror to win within ourselves.
It is the only foundation of it's kind and it may well be an antidote for all that god-awful writing that somehow manages to make it to press year after year.