god of war

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a god worshipped as giving victory in war


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And what's more, Mr Barlog confirmed that the PS4 version of God of War will not in fact be a prequel chapter, fuelling rumors that it could well be the full-fat reboot so many have been holding out for.
New to the God of War series is a deep multiplayer offering, one that provides rich new gameplay experiences that fully retain the familiar look and feel of the beloved franchise.
Ascension might not take its genre forward, but it upholds the God of War series' supreme standards.
For the first time ever in a God of War game, players can compete in online or offline multiplayer battles that combine the fierce combat and scale of the franchise with a unique gameplay experience.
Here, the franchise is brought bang up to date with super-slick HD graphics and - exclusively to the PS3 - the addition of one character who's no stranger to a bit of blood and gore: Kratos from God of War.
Horus served many functions in Egyptian religion, most notably being god of the sky, god of war and god of protection.
WHY did Redcar & Cleveland Council waste taxpayers' money putting on the lighting show at Roseberry Topping - especially to celebrate Odin, the Norse god of war.
The ornate masks include a mosaic mask depicting a god of war, featuring pieces of turquoise laid out on the real skull of a man aged around 30.
Because of its red colour the ancient Greeks associated Mars with Ares, their god of war.
You re-assume the role of Kratos, the resurrected Spartan super-warrior who managed to kill Ares, the original God of War, and take his place on Mount Olympus.
Edited by Zeid Nasser God of War IIl How do you top what many gamers consider the greatest action game of all time?
Mars, the Roman god of war, vanished from Chirk Castle decades ago.
Pets of Ares, god of war, these birds were a public menace too great for the community to control, a challenge finally assigned, along with other "labors," to strongman of all time, Herakles.
Brent Calis (Mars) created a convincing god of war, while Michael Mori treated the audience to a soft-shoe shuffle as a silver-painted Mercury.
First, the non-believing world clearly sees the hypocrisy of a religion that claims to follow the Prince of Peace but will all too readily serve the god of war if its position of power and privilege is in any way threatened (even if it is supposedly as a last resort).