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small spiny-finned fish of coastal or brackish waters having a large head and elongated tapering body having the ventral fins modified as a sucker

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Our partnership with ENERGY STAR validates that the data we collect for our clients is accurate therefore allowing us to increase the value of their real estate through sustainability and operational efficiency, and assist in earning recognition for their efforts through opportunities such as ENERGY STAR certification," said Chris Happ, CEO at Goby.
The initial putative spread of Chameleon Goby, Tridentiger trigonocephalus, into the low salinity Delta region of San Francisco Bay was due to the arrival and spread of a second, very similar brackish water species, the Shimofuri Goby, Tridentiger bifasicatus (Matern and Fleming 1995), described in Japan by Akihito and Sakamoto (1989).
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Oyster reefs are generally considered essential habitats for resident nekton such as the naked goby (Gobiosoma bosc), feather blenny (Hypsoblennius hentz), and skilletfish (Gobiesox strumosus) (Coen et al.
The linkage has allowed nuisance species such as the round goby and zebra and quagga mussels to escape the Great Lakes and infest the Mississippi and other waterways.
In one shot, a tropical goby shelters in a discarded soda can.
The much awaited Insurance Amendment Bill getting a goby from the Indian Parliament in the current session will hardly help.
Miller and Wongrat (1979) created the genus for a goby with a complex transverse papilla pattern resembling that found in some eleotrids (e.
Emperor Akihito contributed 350 pages (and several illustrations) on Gobioidei, a suborder of Japanese goby fish that includes 518 types, to the third edition of "Fishes of Japan with Pictorial Keys to the Species.
512 of 2895) reacted to the ROV, with Halfbanded Rockfish and Blackeye Goby (Rhinogobiops nicholsii) accounting for 71% of these reactions (361 out of 512 fishes that reacted; Table 2).
But within 15 minutes of contact with a toxin-making seaweed, an Acropora nasuta coral releases compounds that prompt goby fish to seek out and trim back the seaweed, Hay and colleague Danielle Dixson report in the Nov.
But the story is not quite so simple if you are a two-spotted goby, researchers from NTNU's Department of Biology have found.
Marjorie Goby, who will be 82 this year, is one of a growing number of people taking advantage of the free service.
One of the problems appears in mega scale production of marble goby highlighted by local farmer is difficulty to identify sexually mature broodstock.