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Naturally Lloyd is gobsmacked when the truth comes out that his girlfriend is married, despite the fact she's left Neil.
I was even more gobsmacked by Uruguay's attempts to pretend it never happened, or that Suarez was somehow the victim of an unprovoked assault by Chiellini.
The Deputy Prime Minister, inset, said: "I just think people will be gobsmacked, appalled, that someone thinks that at a time when we are finally hosting one of the greatest events in the world, he is calling for civil disobedience.
Just behind in third was 28-1 chance Nagham to leave most punters gobsmacked.
The Sun quoted him, as saying: "I stood there watching Rory with that trophy and I was absolutely gobsmacked, because I kept thinking about how young and inexperienced he is.
On Corrie, Stella's secret burst out - where else but at Leanne's 30th in a packed rovers: "I'm your mum," she told a gobsmacked Leanne.
I found out about it about a month ago and was absolutely gobsmacked," he said.
Gobsmacked Hanagan, mobbed and cheered all the way back to the weighing room, where he was hugged by his colleagues, said: "I'm gobsmacked to be honest.
I was absolutely gobsmacked to see the state that the heart of the city was in at that time.
To be perfectly frank, I was so gobsmacked by the figure, which was so divorced from reality from someone who was still an employee, and seemed to me to be somewhat inflated.
We learn much about his meticulous, long-haul work process and his interpretation of some of his more complex opuses (I was gobsmacked to hear that the song that's always struck me as his most devastating, ``The Traitor,'' is in Cohen's view an upbeat ode to accepting life's compromises).
Paul Ward, head brewer of the Kelham Island Brewery said: 'I'm gobsmacked.
If he comes to Bath, though, I'm gobsmacked, I really am," said the former England and Lions centre.
She said, "I was absolutely gobsmacked absolutely gobsmacked when I found out I had when I found out I had won - it was so tense won - it was so tense waiting to hear the results waiting to hear the results but when I heard my but when I heard my name called I couldn't name called I couldn't believe it
Barclaycard claims handler Eirian, of Cardiff, said: "I was gobsmacked.