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resembling the shape of a goblet

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soulangiana, a spreading bush which can reach around 3m (10ft) high and has goblet-shaped flowers that appear in April before the leaves.
A goblet-shaped white opal glass shade covers the bulb and hangs from a handsome fixture hand-finished in brass or antique nickel.
A Air and light are very important for gooseberries, so they should be pruned to produce an open, goblet-shaped plant.
autumnale, which produces lavender-pink goblet-shaped flowers.
BEST OF THE BUNCH - Magnolia THESE amazing trees and shrubs can form the focal point of a garden in spring with their enormous goblet-shaped blooms in shades of pink or white.
Probably the best known outside of Africa is the djembe - a goblet-shaped hand drum from West Africa which has inspired something of a craze in African drumming classes.
soulangiana, a spreading bush whose goblet-shaped flowers appear in April, white and purple-tinged at the base.
Crocus These pint-sized corms provide a splash of colour in late winter and early spring, producing slender, goblet-shaped flowers.
The first type (GCM1) consists of goblet-shaped cells that do not contain intracytoplasmic intestinal-type mucin.
A grant from Save the Children allowed the school to buy 15 djembe drums, which are goblet-shaped skin-covered hand drums.
Crocuses are first - goblet-shaped with prominent orange anthers.
The most popular variety, which is both pink and fragrant, is sometimes called tulip tree on account of its goblet-shaped blossoms.
a small goblet-shaped table in injection-moulded transparent polycarbonate.
The goblet-shaped flowers are a good two inches across and are a deep burgundy red in the best forms, which look particularly beautiful when backlit by the morning sun.
BEST OF THE BUNCH Magnolia These majestic shrubs and trees provide a wonderful focal point in spring, either as stand-alone trees or at the back of borders, their goblet-shaped white or pink flowers providing a glorious scene.