goblet cell

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an epithelial cell that secretes mucous

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Microbial modulation of innate defense: goblet cells and the intestinal mucus layer.
Prenatal secondhand cigarette smoke promotes Th2 polarization and impairs goblet cell differentiation and airway mucus formation.
Data for mean crop or stomach epithelial thickness; villus width, height, and area (square micrometers); and goblet cell numbers were analyzed using 2-way analysis of variance, with the fixed factors temperature and CP level.
Goblet cell metaplasia, causing chronic increased secretion of mucus.
Large number of deeply stained goblet cells (PAS positive).
The discovery that aldose reductase regulates mucus production and goblet cell metaplasia makes inhibition of this enzyme an attractive therapeutic option to reduce mucus-related airway obstructive diseases - and for the first time gives us a real chance to alter the course of the underlying disease in asthma and COPD," said UTMB Health biochemistry and molecular biology professor Satish Srivastava, senior author of the paper.
A calcium-activated chloride channel blocker inhibits goblet cell metaplasia and mucus overproduction.
2004) found that amounts of duodenal and jejunal mucin mRNA and protein increased in response to a 72-h fast without increase in goblet cell numbers during this time.
H]2 mediated disease of the airways characterized by airway inflammation, goblet cell metaplasia, smooth muscle cell hyperplasia, angiogenesis, and fibrosis.
At the end of that time, 80% of the patients in the ablation group with high-grade dysplasia and 90% of those with low-grade dysplasia experienced a complete response, which the investigators defined as having all biopsies free of any histologic evidence of dysplasia, "not a single goblet cell," said Dr.
If the insult is discontinued, cells desquamate and goblet cell hyperplasia occurs to increase the protective mucous layer.
The goblet cell density is significantly reduced in patients with DM, compared to healthy patients, which may give another explanation as to the reduced tear film stability and TBUT.
After three months, both active-treatment groups showed significant improvements compared with the control group with respect to blurred vision, tear film breakup time, Schirmer tear test results, and goblet cell density.
In contrast to those not exposed to DEE, those who were had clear goblet cell hyperplasia with increased metaplastic and dysplastic epithelia and an increase in leukocytes.
Similarly, in vivo treatment with Kp and QE decreased development of airway hyperresponsiveness, airway inflammation, goblet cell metaplasia and production of IL-5t IL-13 and TNF.