goblet cell

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an epithelial cell that secretes mucous

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In the acute stage of colitis caused by acetic acid in mice, TFF3 expression is down-regulated and may be associated with acute reduction of the number of goblet cells (Tomita et al.
Influence of in ovo inoculation of probiotic strains on the jejunal goblet cell counts and morphometry in peri- and post-hatching chicks.
sup][19] have studied mucins and goblet cells in HSCR patients and Ednrb−/− mice (HSCR mice models).
Table-II: Comparison of two groups regarding apoptotic cells, necrosis and goblet cell depletion in the small intestine.
Pflugfelder, "Resolvin E1 (RX-10001) reduces corneal epithelial barrier disruption and protects against goblet cell loss in a murine model of dry eye," Cornea, vol.
Nine out of 11 adenocarcinoma cases with goblet cell features (82%) had at least 1 hotspot mutation, and 2 (18%) were wild type (Fig.
The epithelial thickness of the stomach and crop; intestinal villus height, width, and area; lamina propria height; and stomach, crop, and intestinal neutral and acidic goblet cell numbers were measured.
Stimulation of goblet cell activity, causing increased mucus secretion.
The authors hypothesized that mechanical irritation by contact lens may be the cause of goblet cell damage thus leading to symptoms.
Using cell culture and laboratory mouse experiments, the researchers showed that the enzyme, aldose reductase, is essential to a process known as goblet cell metaplasia that is seen in both asthma and COPD.