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small spiny-finned fish of coastal or brackish waters having a large head and elongated tapering body having the ventral fins modified as a sucker

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He added: "In our display we have mostly nocturnal reef inhabitants, such as rockcook, goldsinny, ballan wrasse, corkwing wrasse and gobies.
Fish and Wildlife Service 2005), other estuarine gobies, killifish, sculpin, and others (Luttrell et al 1999; Baerwald et al.
In experiments, gobies ignored seaweedlike tufts of string brushing their corals, unless the string had been treated with extracts from the seaweed.
Aside from outcompeting native species for food, they have absorbed toxic PCBs dumped years earlier and transferred them up the food chain in being eaten by round gobies (also a non-native species), which in turn are preyed upon by walleyes, a popular sport fish.
Behavioral interactions between round gobies (Neogobius melanostomus) and mottled sculpins (Cottus bairdi).
I recall with joy the day when I could take two inexperienced young lads in the boat, go upstream, find a few gobies, fish for an hour, and return to the dock with the limit of four snook apiece.
Selective removal of round gobies may be possible with bottom-release pesticides," observes Theresa Schreier, lead author of this research for the U.
On Thursday, August 20 there will be a rockpool safari at Criccieth to discover crabs, paddle worms, gobies, blennies and more.
and predators sabotage shiners, gobies, and alewives from these vantage points.
It's a good place for climbing gobies to breed because their natural predators--mainly other fish--can't get to them above the falls.
We also caught fish on Poor Boys Drop Shot Gobies that we put in the Gulp
From ferocious sharks to cute clownfishes, from scary scorpion fish to goofy gobies - many of the world's most impressive and enigmatic reef fishes are featured in all their multi-coloured glory.