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Synonyms for gobble



Synonyms for gobble

to swallow (food or drink) greedily or rapidly in large amounts

Synonyms for gobble

the characteristic sound made by a turkey cock

Related Words

eat hastily without proper chewing

make a gurgling sound, characteristic of turkeys

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Take It Further For an interesting story about turkey gobbling, visit http://dsc.
With larger companies gobbling up smaller ones, we will eventually look up on, day and find that 99% of all of our news and entertainment will be controlled by only a handfull of companies.
Does our frenzied gobbling of goods improve our health or happiness?
When the feathers settled, two new world champions emerged; Walter Parrott of Fredericktown, MO, was named Grand National Calling Champion, and Tucker Crisp of Natchez, MS, won the title for both the gobbling and owl hooting divisions.
Whether they are gobbling super Power Pellets or playing the ghost-free bonus stage, fans of PAC-MAN will enjoy the added challenges and thrills of Super PAC-MAN.
I used everything in my repertoire, from gobbling, to the silent treatment, to bombarding him with cutting and excited yelping.
It was all seventh heaven for me, so I strutted around, gobbling at everyone in sight to let them know I was fat and happy.
I'm trying to visualize ravenous molecules gobbling up innocent electrons.
After gobbling from high in his roost for 25 minutes, ``Mo'' suddenly went silent, indicating to Wilbanks and Scotton he'd hit the ground sometime soon.
Those like minds are also gobbling up SRH brand surf, skate and snowboard wear, hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, dress shirts, dress pants, jeans, motorcross jerseys, et al, to the tune of $3 million dollars a year.
Is he gobbling at crows, hawks, owls and other shock-type calls?
Large galaxies such as Andromeda and the Milky Way grow in two ways--by gobbling up smaller galaxies and by snaring clouds of hydrogen gas.
CHICAGO -- One of the quickest ways to gauge whether a company is creating assets or gobbling up investor's cash is to look at their Return On Equity (ROE).
Once the spreading seas stopped gobbling up land, river deltas started to form and silly soils covered flood plains.
The classic example is the hunter who has a bird gobbling on the roost.