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Synonyms for gobble



Synonyms for gobble

to swallow (food or drink) greedily or rapidly in large amounts

Synonyms for gobble

the characteristic sound made by a turkey cock

Related Words

eat hastily without proper chewing

make a gurgling sound, characteristic of turkeys

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Before I could finish the sounds of a roosted hen, a thunderous gobble cut me off, and he rattled on and on with his replies to my friendly "Good morning.
And "friends" of Gobbles have said: "Gobbles takes the p*** out of all of us.
The intense competition of the premier turkey callers saw some of the nation's best clucks, putts, purrs and gobbles demonstrated.
Your ears are perked for the distant, echoing gobble of an Osceola turkey.
com with the subject line 'Good Gobbles Holiday Meatball Recipe Contest' or mailed to the attention of:
APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION JShark gobbles up toxic lionfish off the coast of Honduras
Turkey season opens April 27, and there are gobbles of them in our state.
After a couple minutes, gobbles began to fill the air.
They stop at several different locations within a county to count the number of turkey gobbles they hear.
But managing it is another story: Email administration tasks, like backups and restores, gobbles up 43% of IT support costs.
Pac-Man is a can-do kinda gal--she gobbles up pellets, champs fruit and munches ghosts at record-breaking speeds.