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a hasty eater who swallows large mouthfuls

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Whether hunting public or private land there's a good chance you'll encounter a gobbler that has been called in and spooked.
While spring-killed gobblers generally tip the scales at 18 to 23 pounds, turkeys weighing in excess of 27 pounds are routinely taken in some Midwestern states, and birds exceeding 30 pounds have been recorded.
When: The spring gobbler season opens Saturday and ends May 3.
I hooked my release to the string loop as I stared through my facemask for the iridescent colors of the approaching gobbler.
And while I heard birds off and on all day long, it wasn't until an hour before the end of legal shooting time that a big gobbler made the mistake of following a jake into 18 yards, where he took a perfect arrow from my 60-pound Prairie Panther longbow.
I have harvested gobblers slightly south and north of the subspecies boundary line that would pass for either bird.
The traditional sure-killing range of a shotgun, whether on flying birds or the head of a gobbler, has been about 40 yards, due to the limits of a spreading pattern of small shot.
The afternoon I arrived, guide Chad Sullivan filled me in on recent gobbler sightings and suggested a likely spot for setting up my ground blind in a food plot of oats and clover.
The state's one-day youth spring gobbler season is April 20, and will run from one-half hour before sunrise until noon.
When a distant gobbler rattled a response, I felt a familiar tingle--the one I feel when a bull elk answers my call.
Cobbler, the newly designated national turkey, and his alternate, Gobbler, received a reprieve, the Telegraph reported.
When the gobbler came within 20 yards, however, Hannah steadied herself before squeezing the trigger on her 20-gauge Mossberg youth model shotgun.
No matter where your next turkey adventure takes you, fool the sharp eyes of a lovestruck gobbler wearing Realtree APG.
PORTERVILLE - Although the spring turkey season is winding down, there is time to head to the foothills and harvest a big gobbler.