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a hasty eater who swallows large mouthfuls

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As the gobbler took off across the creek then headed for the next field, Randy extended his hand for a high five, but I jumped up and gave him a bear hug instead.
Here, they would scratch for bugs while the gobblers stood on the sidelines strutting and biding their time.
This gobbler is coming quickly, so there's no worry he won't make it before we lose light.
On our multi-state turkey shoot I rolled a running New York gobbler at 45 yards with only 1-1/4 ounces of No.
If players have to kill the Wattle Gobbler they have to do it in a cooperative fashion and must first use poison to weaken it.
That jake is a challenge to any gobbler's dominance, and quite often, seeing the jake is enough to get the gobblers to charge in," Herald said.
I would expect the middle to the end of the season to produce most of the call-friendly gobblers.
Again most of the group saw a few turkeys--Wood had a big gobbler strutting just out of range, but when several hens strolled off into the woods, the tom followed.
But what most folks don't realize is that their hot water heater is the largest energy gobbler in the home, after their heating and cooling units.
The book covers tips and tactics which will be effective during the spring gobbler season as well as in the autumn.
Ballet is a great gobbler up of all dance styles," Weiss maintains, pointing to Petipa's use of Spanish dance and the inclusion of Russian and Hungarian folk dances in Swan Lake.
Van de Bergh Foods hope the Gobbler will cash in on the rise in white meat sales since the BSE scare.
In the Turkey Photo Contest, Austin Newell took first place for his photo of a gobbler from Kemp County that had a 9-inch beard and 3/4-inch spurs.
About an hour before dark, another gobbler appeared with some hens.
One of the most-overlooked aspects of successful spring gobbler hunting is the setup.