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Synonyms for gobble



Synonyms for gobble

to swallow (food or drink) greedily or rapidly in large amounts

Synonyms for gobble

the characteristic sound made by a turkey cock

Related Words

eat hastily without proper chewing

make a gurgling sound, characteristic of turkeys

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Its latest outrageous failure is to allow the Red Dragon Radio, the national flag-carrying station in the capital city to be gobbled up by Capital Radio.
He gobbled the peppers down, and his tongue began to burn.
In fact, the company is on the verge of being gobbled up by other cable operators.
At a time when sites in Manhattan are being gobbled up by developers keen to erect residential properties on them, the $5.
name in phenolics) gobbled up Vyncolit of Belgium, which not so long ago bought Rogers Corp.
But Telefonica and its Mexican rival Telefonos de Mexico haven't gobbled up everything in the region.
At the same time the industry is experiencing a period of unparalleled consolidation at all levels--from storage consolidating within the Enterprise, to smaller storage companies gobbled up by larger ones, to corporate giants acquiring other giants, some larger than themselves.
confessed that although she once gobbled cheese and ice cream, she now subsisted on greens.
There are perhaps too many plotlines here, as my 14-year-old daughter pointed out, but she gobbled up this latest Alice installment quickly.
With the help of a dye that marks fat droplets in living worms, the scientists monitored the fat storage of worms as they gobbled up the various E.
As more local farm stands and orchards are gobbled up by condominiums and strip malls, connections with our food sources seem to go with them.
The anoles thought so, too--most of the lettuce-vomiting grasshoppers got gobbled up.
Most of its traditional land has been gobbled up by huge ranches and soybean farms.
In other words, since July 1st, two-thirds of Hong Kong has now been gobbled up by China and now falls under the direct tyranny of the mainland regime, including its religious repression.