gobble up

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Synonyms for gobble up

eat a large amount of food quickly

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The moles can find and gobble up 10 items of food in just 2.
I could have maybe brought a striker in on loan in January - but I didn't feel it was right to panic buy and gobble up money which might be needed in the summer.
But managing all these volumes is another story: Email administration tasks gobble up 43% of IT support costs.
The contenders are raring to go: Wall Street Women of Granada Hills, a group of mostly hairdressers who can't wait to pit their scissor-sharp skills against the others; the Money Hungry Investment Club of Northridge, a group of professionals who just might gobble up the competition; the Goddesses, a team of female friends meeting in Newbury Park who look for divine guidance; Divided Assets, a Chatsworth coed investment club that will try to divide and conquer; and Fiscal Therapy, a group of teachers in San Fernando who might end up teaching the rest a thing or two about investing.
A big company share seeking more than shared profits or equity could gobble up its partner in a buyout.