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a lump or chunk of raw meat

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Lecturers dumbed down their books into accessible gobbets for the less intelligent students.
Auden will be an important poet, he is a poet "destined to miss greatness" because of his lack of personal involvement, his tendency to offer "undigested gobbets of knowledge which can be found in any popular handbook" (10, 13).
A Lieutenant criticizes Suffolk "For swallowing the treasure of the realm" and for having "grown great, / And like ambitious Sylla, over-gorg'd / With gobbets of thy mother's bleeding heart" (4.
What would you think if you were on that plane and some dude suddenly appeared in the aisle with a knife drippin' gobbets of mayonnaise?
Still very much present and correct - five albums in - are the chewy verbal gobbets "summat in your teeth", and "simmer down and pucker up", which continue to release their flavour through multiple mastications.
Information from such dubious sources was assembled in indigestible gobbets with very little attempt at analysis or verification.
The desktop was splotched with blood and gobbets of brain.
BEEF Gobbets, Pickling Nasturtiums and Whigs and Love Apple Sauce do not sound like typical child's sweets.
The regime in Iran is brutal, mendacious and meddlesome, and given to spraying gobbets of Hitleresque bile at the Jewish state.
They keep modules to a minimum so exams test a child's total understanding, not isolated gobbets of knowledge.
Compare this to London, and its sprawling, impersonal world of corporate business, where career-clambering tyros are summarily chewed up and spat out more frequently than the gobbets of Sir Alex Ferguson's chewing gum.
However, these criticisms will do little to deter teen readers from first devouring Scrivener's Moon in tasty gobbets and then consigning its humble reviewer to a thorough flattening by a fully-functioning caterpillar-tracked mobile city
IT used to deliver 110%, did The Apprentice, with its parade of shameless chancers, blaggers, blowhards and freakishly ambitious white-collar fantasists, strutting about reciting gobbets of dopey hyperbole from the CVs swirling about their internal My Documents folder.
I never understood a word of it in any case, not a word of the stories it spews, like gobbets in vomit.