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Since inception of the GOB Program, Perpetual had recognized the full amount of the GOB Royalty Adjustments received as a GOB Obligation, rather than the Expected GORR, as management initially expected that the full amount of the GOB Royalty Adjustments received would be fully repayable.
Gob tells the Bluth family that he's getting married to Ann and no one cares 6 not even Buster.
However, the GOB maintains some controls over capital flows and requires disclosure of the ownership of corporations.
Consumers will `turn off' not only from the GOB operator, but also from the legitimate retailer, perceiving incorrectly that all rug dealers share the same lack of business ethics.
According to GOB statistics, law enforcement officers destroyed 7,058 hectares of opium poppies in 2011 compared to 8,268 hectares in 2010 and 4,087 hectares in 2009.
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is working with the GOB to draft a statutory instrument that would criminalize trafficking in all precursor chemicals and will complement a 2009 statutory instrument criminalizing trafficking in pseudoephedrine.
In late 2003, at the height of telecom innovation, the GOB invited Jeffrey Prosser, the president, CEO and chairman of ICC LLC, to buy BTL and modernize and expand its telecom infrastructure.
Despite having given me a firm commitment to go with Gob to Edinburgh, he said he didn't want to follow through with that commitment.
The terms of the acquisition include contracts with a major coal mining company granting Headwaters mining rights to recover coal from gob and waste pond sites.
In 2010, the GOB continued efforts to amend the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs by removing references to coca leaf chewing.
Mind you, I talk a bit myself and he probably calls me the gob of Wales
According to GOB figures for 2010 (January-October), the GOB seized approximately 1.
These regulations, along with Germany's GoB and GoBS rules for proper accounting, set standards and methods for electronic bookkeeping.
The President noted that despite Bolivia's success in meeting minimum eradication goals, the total effort by the GOB fell short of its obligations as outlined in the United Nations (UN) Conventions and bilateral agreements.
Part of the recently announced EA SPORTS(TM) TRAX initiative, NHL 2003 includes music by artists such as Jimmy Eat World ("Sweetness"), Papa Roach ("She Loves Me Not"), Queens of the Stone Age ("No One Knows"), Gob ("Sick with You"), Default ("Deny"), Greenwheel ("Strong"), Dragpipe ("Simple Minded") and others.