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All three goatsucker species are declining, both in New York State and throughout much of their range.
The daylight aerial displays of the pennant-winged nightjar, which is said to be voiceless, take the place of the nocturnal arias of other goatsuckers.
1 THE Goatsucker of Puerto Rico is reported to be a strange animal - kangaroo-like with a spiny back - which is slaughtering goats.
Life histories of North American cuckoos, goatsuckers, hummingbirds, and their allies.
They are sometimes referred to as goatsuckers from the mistaken belief that they suck milk from goats.
He includes ducks, vultures, hawks, quail, owls, goatsuckers, hummingbirds, trogons, flycatchers, wrens, thrushes, warblers, sparrow, orioles and finches, providing beautiful color photographs and lively descriptions.
Nightnoise surrounds her like a thick quilt, the smothery buzzing of cicadas, the retreat of possums and raccoons, the breaking of branches, goatsuckers and nightjars calling back and forth in the trees.
otus (Linnaeus), long-eared I R owl Athene cunicularia (Molina), W R burrowing owl Bubo virginianus (Gmelin), great I C horned owl Nyctea scandiaca (Linnaeus), snow N R owl Otus asio (Linnaeus), eastern I C screech-owl Strix varia Barton, barred owl I O Order Caprimulgiformes goatsuckers, oilbirds, and allies) Family Caprimulgidae (goatsuckers) Caprimulgus carolinensis Gmelin, S R chuck-will's-widow C.
Birds with silly names: loons, boobies, cuckoos, goatsuckers.
This year's World Series includes two teams named Orioles plus teams called the Lyric Cassowaries, the Wandering Tattlers, Wild Bird Center of America ReTailed Hawks, the Not Too Swifts, the Wrending Talons, and the Green Mountain Goatsuckers.
Tapeta lucidum in the eyes of goatsuckers (Caprimulgidae).